Windows Terminal v0.3 Releases With New Features

August 9, 2019 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Windows Terminal v0.3 Releases With New Features”

The Microsoft team was so excited to unveil the new Windows Terminal that they allowed developers access to the beta as early as May 6. The first preview didn’t show up in Microsoft’s store till June. In the following months, Microsoft has been beefing up Windows Terminal. Windows Terminal Preview v0.3 marks the latest iteration of Microsoft’s pet project.

Kayla Cinnamon, Microsoft’s Program Manager, released news of v0.3’s new features with all the verve we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from Microsoft’s product releases. “Windows Terminal Preview v0.3 has been published to the Microsoft Store! If you have previously installed the Terminal from the Store, you will receive this update automatically.” She goes on to say that, “[i]f you’ve not yet installed Terminal from the Microsoft Store, now would be a great time because it contains some MAJOR improvements and updates!”

Here are the updates in a nutshell:

  1. Improved UI. The terminal can now be dragged from anywhere on the title bar, a UI feature, as some cynics might say, that has been in existence for decades(to be fair, Windows Terminal is still in development). The title bar also benefits from a more concise button layout and a uniform color scheme.
  2. Improved Accessibility. All the accessibility features that have existed in the old Windows Console have now been ported over to Windows Terminal.
  3. More settings and options. You can define the tab title of each profile by setting the tabTitle property to whatever you want. Additionally, you can position background images and have these images rest on an acrylic background with a color tint.
  4. Updated selection. Moving your cursor outside of the terminal window will no longer interrupt your text selection. You can also double click sections of test for selection.
  5. New keybindings. This is perhaps the best update. OEM keys can now be mapped. You can also have keybindings for copying, pasting, and duplicating a tab.
  6. Azure Cloud Connector. If you’ve always wanted to access files stored in the cloud through Windows Terminal, your prayer has been answered. More details about the Cloud Connector can be found here.

The updates aren’t ground-breaking, though that’s to be expected from a minor version release. There hasn’t been an expected final release date announced yet. Microsoft is still open to receiving more contributions from developers. On that front, it’s nice to see that developers who’ve made the most contributions to date receiving a shout out from Microsoft.

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