Victor Gevers Exposes Another Unsecured Chinese Database, This One Has Information About ‘BreedReady’ Women

March 11, 2019 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Victor Gevers Exposes Another Unsecured Chinese Database, This One Has Information About ‘BreedReady’ Women”

On Friday, Victor Gevers, the security researcher known for finding leaky databases, found an unprotected database that has the personal information of nearly 2 million Chinese women. Among the common fields you’d expect to see in a database(name, gender, etc.), there’s also a BreedReady field that’s reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s a Brave New World.




Of course, this could be a field that has been lost in translation as one Twitter user suggested:




But, Victor Gevers countered by saying, “Yes. I have seen databases where the mix-up IdentityCardNumber with CertficateNumber. But the rest of the database fields do not make any sense in a normal way. The HasVideo:1 means they are being watched or monitored which makes a bit weirder.”

Gevers was also able to construct a profile of the women. His profile sheds a bit more light about what the BreedReady field might pertain to.  According to him, the average age of the women was 32 years. The youngest woman with a BreedReady value of true was 18 years old.  The oldest woman with a BreedReady value of true was 39 years old.

Put those facts against the additional fact that the oldest woman in the database, a 95 year old, had a BreedReady value of false and you can see that the BreedReady field seems to be sexualized.



Currently, the database is no longer accessible. Gevers and his team at GDI still do not know who the owner of the database is. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that these women are being tracked. Just a month ago, Gevers found yet another open database that revealed that the Chinese government, with the help of SenseNet, was using facial recognition to keep tabs on Uyghur muslims. The database included sensitive information like photos, ID card numbers, and GPS coordinates.

That information is identical to the information found in the database Gevers just uncovered. There was an obvious political motive for spying on Uyghurs, but what would be the motive for spying on young women? Again, the creepy BreedReady status comes to mind, but there isn’t enough information to provide a definitive answer.

From a development standpoint, the importance of securing a database goes without saying. A recent study showed that freelance programmers were either using outdated security methods or confusing hashing with encryption. Cutting costs or not effectively testing systems is like leaving boxes of Nike shoes at your front door, begging for them to be stolen. As Big Data becomes a buzzword spoken on the tongues of more and more industry professionals, this data has to be regarded as gold deserving of a secure vault.


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