The History of the Internet, According to Twitter

March 12, 2019 Posted by Technology 0 thoughts on “The History of the Internet, According to Twitter”

It’s the 30th anniversary of the world wide web, a world that has captured the best and worst of mankind through connected computers. To commemorate the internet’s 30th anniversary, Sir Tim Berners-Lee put forth a proposal that calls for an inclusive internet. He highlighted three problems ailing his invention.

  1. Deliberate, malicious intent, such as state-sponsored hacking and attacks, criminal behaviour, and online harassment.
  2. System design that creates perverse incentives where user value is sacrificed, such as ad-based revenue models that commercially reward clickbait and the viral spread of misinformation.
  3. Unintended negative consequences of benevolent design, such as the outraged and polarised tone and quality of online discourse.

One other problem Sir Berners-Lee he failed to mention was the peeling back of the public utility classification of Net Neutrality that allows for the unregulated use of bandwidth.  Now that the FCC can throttle or block access to bandwidth, it undermines the accessibility that Tim Berners-Lee hopes to achieve.

However, despite its many flaws, the internet has come a long way since 1989. Here’s a brief snapshot of the internet’s milestones through the eyes of Twitter.









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