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Earn up to $121k per year as a C# developer

October 2, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Earn up to $121k per year as a C# developer”

Are you ready to start your C# coding odyssey and earn big bucks as a software developer? You’ve picked the right day for it.

C# is a programming language often overlooked by first-time coders. There are some great reasons to give it a try, and not just because of the huge price drop on the Complete C# Coding Bootcamp right now.

C# (pronounced ‘C sharp’) is similar to C, but it’s generally considered to be easier to learn. That’s one reason why Microsoft developed it. Take C, update it to make it more powerful, simplify the code, and you’ve got C#.

C# developers earn $55k to $121k per year. (Source:

One of the main reasons to learn C# is the number of toolsets and frameworks that support the language, all of which are backed by Microsoft. For example, most developers agree that Visual Studio is one of the most feature rich and powerful development environments on the market.

C# gives you prospects too. It has mainstream adoption on the Microsoft and Unity platforms. Big software developers such as Blizzard Entertainment and Electronic Arts use it. Developers love the language for being easy to use and well-designed. Finally, reports that, on average, C# developers earn $55k to $121k per year.

The Complete C# Coding Bootcamp is the ideal place to start learning. This mega bundle of 11 learning kits — produced by top experts in the industry — is over 89 hours of interactive tutorials and projects to get you C# coding in your sleep.

This online bootcamp also adds a host of transferable skills to add to your resume, such as HTML and CSS which are used in web development. You’ll come to terms with Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Unreal Engine, Unity, and various other programming environments.

The C# Bootcamp in full:

The 11 learning kits retail separately for a combined $765, but right now you can purchase the lot for just $41. You get lifetime access too, so it’s still worth picking up during the promotion even if you won’t have the time to start for a while.

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