Microsoft Creates a Code Samples Directory for Developers

August 2, 2019 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Microsoft Creates a Code Samples Directory for Developers”

Microsoft continues to position themselves as a bastion for developers with the latest release of The new samples subdirectory exists to make the lives of Microsoft developers much easier by providing modularized samples.

According to Den Delimarsky, Senior Program Manager of Cloud and AI, Microsoft aims to “make it easier for you to discover relevant code examples to get started, no matter what Microsoft product or service you’re using.”

Judging by the wealth of filters, the new subdirectory truly does make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. The filters are divided by Microsoft products like Azure and Xamarin. You can also further filter the results by language. The search is a reactive search, meaning results populate the page as you type in your query. All of these features are meant for you to find what you’re looking for in a single page. Once you click on a sample, you’re sent to a page that prompts you to access the demo from GitHub or to download a ZIP.


Regarding the modularized samples, Delimarsky wrote, “How many times were you in the situation where you wanted to look at just one sample from a repository that contains tens of them, but had to clone all content to be able to work on just that one project? With, you can now download the relevant code without having to clone the entire repository. ”

The same applies to the GitHub code: “You no longer need to spend time figuring out where in the repository the code sample is located if you want to take a closer look at its implementation…”

A quick scan through the samples subdirectory tells you that Xamarin developers are the big winners here. Instead of having to dig through GitHub, you can simply perform a search of a particular module you would like to implement and copy the sample provided. So it’s no surprise that of the 1058 samples currently available, 619 of them are Xamarin-based.

The sample list isn’t a static representation of everything available. Microsoft encourages experimentation and enhancement. Microsoft will also add more samples as time goes by. You can place any feedback on Microsoft Doc’s feedback page on GitHub.

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