HTC Partners with McLaren to Debut the World’s First VR Motorsport eSports Competition in China

August 3, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “HTC Partners with McLaren to Debut the World’s First VR Motorsport eSports Competition in China”

HTC Corporation may have taken a hit in recent years when it comes to smartphones, but the Taiwanese consumer company is still kicking in the virtual reality sphere. Its ecosystem of Vive products has garnered rave reviews over the years and has openly supported developers.

So it’s no surprise that HTC partnered with Formula 1 team McLaren to kickoff the first ever VR motorsports eSports competition. The competition will take place at Chinajoy 2018, the largest digital entertainment expo in China. The venue allows Alvin Wang Graylin, President of HTC, to tout some of Vive’s latest features.

According to HTC’s press release, Alvin Wang Graylin, China President, HTC, said,

“VR/AR(XR) technologies will fundamentally change the game, not only in the entertainment industry but across all facets of life, while the Vive Focus system update released today massively increases the amount of content accessible for the device elevating its value for users to a new level. Already, the dramatic impact of XR on the gaming industry is transformational, which is clearly demonstrated by the new class of immersive content we are showing at ChinaJoy! As a category, eSports is being redefined by immersive technologies, and this cooperation between HTC Vive and McLaren to hold the world’s first official VR motorsport eSport event this week is bringing the worlds of virtual and physical sports closer together than ever.”

He also posted a tweet of some new features, chief among them being Vive Focus.

While articles in the blogosphere are foretelling the end of HTC, VR technology will be the life raft this company so desperately needs. A good showing at this year’s Chinajoy is one way to show to hundreds of millions of gamers that HTC is here to stay.

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