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Guides and Cheat Sheets for Front End Developers

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Any front end developer would love to have the brain capacity to know everything about their field. Unfortunately, we can only know so much, especially when we’re new to front end development. Google can be an excellent resource, but sometimes you want a bookmarked document that you can pull up right away to find that specific function or style attribute that will solve your problem. Or, you might be waiting for code to compile and you’re just looking for great reads that will boost your skills. If you’re anyone of these people, check out this list of front end resources that we’ve curated for you.



If you have time to spare, you can read informative JavaScript articles written by industry heavyweights like Ady Osmani. Superhero.js serves as a repository for the top articles about “creating, maintaining, and testing a large JavaScript code base.”

Open Web CSS Reference

CSS often gets a bad rap for its unwieldiness.

However, the Open Web CSS Reference provides a categorized list of attributes that link to the W3C specification docs that teach you exactly how the attribute works.


OverAPI has resources for all types of developers and a few obvious useful resources for front end developers like CSS, Git, and JavaScript.

Dev Hints

The website’s founder, Rico wrote a dizzying list of front end framework and library cheat sheet that he’s shared to the public. It’s one of the most useful resources for modern front end development.

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The Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet

Now that flex box has become more of a website design standard, it wouldn’t hurt to pour over the interactive documentation that you can find on this website.

Sass Guidelines

If you ever want to become Sass master, learning from Hugo Giraudel is not a bad way to go.

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Dev Docs

Dev Docs is the complete guide to everything there is to know about  languages and frameworks



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