Emacs 26.2 Releases With Ability to Build Modules Outside Source Tree

April 15, 2019 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Emacs 26.2 Releases With Ability to Build Modules Outside Source Tree”

Emacs 26.2 was released today and perhaps the biggest improvement to the extensible editor is the ability to build Emacs modules outside of the Emacs source tree. This will allow users to be able to create more “modular” modules rather than having extensions tightly coupled to the source. Other major updates include the ability to compress files with a simple ‘Z’ command in Dired and compliance with version 11.0 of the Unicode Standard.

There are several other minor updates that we’ll include below. You can find a complete list of changes here.


 Installing Emacs now installs the emacs-module.h file

The emacs-module.h file is now installed in the system-wide include directory as part of the installation. This allows to build Emacs modules outside of the Emacs source tree.

New variable ‘xft-ignore-color-fonts’

Default t means don’t try to load color fonts when using Xft, as they often cause crashes. Set it to nil if you really need those fonts.

Mailutils movemail will now be used if found at runtime.
The default value of ‘mail-source-movemail-program’ is now “movemail”. This ensures that the movemail program from GNU Mailutils will be used if found in ‘exec-path’, even if it was not found at build time. To use a different program, customize ‘mail-source-movemail-program’ to the absolute file name of the desired executable.

New vc-hg options.
The new option ‘vc-hg-parse-hg-data-structures’ controls whether vc-hg will try parsing the Mercurial data structures directly instead of running ‘hg’; it defaults to t (set to nil if you want the pre-26.1 behavior).

The new option ‘vc-hg-symbolic-revision-styles’ controls how versions in a Mercurial repository are presented symbolically on the mode line. The new option ‘vc-hg-use-file-version-for-mode-line-version’ controls whether the version shown on the mode line is that of the visited file or of the repository working copy.

Display of Mercurial revisions in the mode line has changed.
Previously, the mode line displayed the local number (1, 2, 3, …) of the revision. Starting with Emacs 26.1, the default has changed, and it now shows the global revision number, in the form of its changeset hash value. To get back the previous behavior, customize the new option ‘vc-hg-symbolic-revision-styles’ to the value ‘(“{rev}”)’.

shadowfile config files have changed their syntax.
Existing files “~/.emacs.d/shadows” and “~/.emacs.d/shadow_todo” must be removed prior using the changed ‘shadow-*’ commands.

¬†‘thread-alive-p’ has been renamed to ‘thread-live-p’.
The old name is an alias of the new name. Future Emacs version will obsolete it.

‘while-no-input’ does not return due to input from subprocesses.
Input that arrived from subprocesses while some code executed inside the ‘while-no-input’ form injected an internal buffer-switch event that counted as input and would cause ‘while-no-input’ to return, perhaps prematurely. These buffer-switch events are now by default ignored by ‘while-no-input’; if you need to get the old behavior, remove ‘buffer-switch’ from the list of events in ‘while-no-input-ignore-events’.

The new function ‘read-answer’ accepts either long or short answers
depending on the new customizable variable ‘read-answer-short’.

New function ‘assoc-delete-all’.
Like ‘assq-delete-all’, but uses ‘equal’ for comparison.

The function ‘thing-at-point’ behaves as before Emacs 26.1.
The behavior of ‘thing-at-point’ when called with argument ‘list’ has changed in Emacs 26.1, in that it didn’t consider text inside comments and strings as a potential list. This change is now reverted, and ‘thing-at-point’ behaves like it did before Emacs 26.1.



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