Best 7 Blogs For Front End Developers

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If you’re a front end developer, it can feel like you’re in a rat race at times as you try to chase after the latest and greatest JavaScript framework. Meanwhile, design trends are always shifting, meaning you can’t stay put for too long before you have to learn a new paradigm.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, bloggers that have their fingers on the pulse of new front end trends can make life much easier for you.

Here are 7 of the best blogs that will teach you a few neat tricks while keeping you updated on the latest trends.


The motto of this blog is Code. Eat. Sleep. Loop. The site covers front end frameworks like Vue and React, as well as a back end languages like PHP and Python. What makes this blog stand out from the pack are the coding challenges that pop up every now and then.

One Extra Pixel

Staying on top of web design trends can be hard to do. While many sites offer tips and tricks, One Extra Pixel presents its posts in a format that makes it easy to navigate from one post to another.

David Walsh

What you want in a programming blog is tough concepts that are boiled down into simple language. David Walsh accomplishes this by creating posts that engages the reader every step of the way.


Dr. Axel Raushmayer’s blog is the opposite of David Walsh’s blog. Where beginners might waltz towards David Walsh’s blog to get a handle on Promises, experienced developers might go to to 2ality to learn about the new features coming to the JavaScript language, or to learn about polymorphic variant types. If you want that extra edge as a JavaScript programmer, this site is for you.

CSS Wizardry

Simply, Harry is a CSS wizard who gets paid to consult companies on the best design practices, some of which he’s founded. His blog features some of his thoughts on design as well as personal anecdotes. It’s a brilliant blog for any front end developer.

Cats Who Code

This quirky blog offers tutorials for aspiring IT professionals, web designers, and WordPress hackers. If you need a quick design inspiration or want to know how you can be a more productive coder, you can learn that here.

Paul Irish

One of the best sources of advice is from a front end engineer who works at Google. Paul Irish, who’s part of the dev team for Google Chrome’s Dev Tools, just so happens to have that role. You probably guessed that a majority of his blog focuses on leveraging Google’s Dev Tools, but there’s more to this blog than browser tech. His more popular posts focus on CSS best practices.

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