7 Buzzwords Developers Love

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One time I was talking to a friend about an app I built that fetched data from an API. He was lost after API.

Every field has its technical jargon, but the field of software development often either collapses words into acronyms or uses a normal word like “cloud” to describe servers.

Here are 7 quick buzzwords that’ll help demystify some of the jargon that your developer friends speak.


This has nothing to do with being an agile coder or thinker. It has everything to do with the development process of software. Agile development is a set of principles that ensures that software is continuously updated to meet the demands of a consumer. For example, if users complain about certain bugs in software(there are always bugs), the developers should be able to come up with a patch within weeks rather than telling users to wait for Bugware 2.0.


If you haven’t guessed it yet, project managers are not only looking for ways to hack software, but also to hack people. DevOps is Agile’s sister with a focus on the cooperation of development people and IT people. If you think about this philosophy as a marriage of two fields, then it’s easier to digest. If you want the whole manifesto, check out Atlassian’s post.

Unit testing

When a developer says her company performs unit tests and seems pretty proud about that fact, know that she means that the development team tests almost every line of additional code added to their code base. Every unit added has to be tested. This is a rigorous process, so not all development shops unit test.

Responsive design

“My website is responsive!” exclaims Developer Larry.

Developer Larry didn’t not just claim that his website is a sentient being. All he meant was that the elements(text, menu, etc.) of his website shrinks to fit within the screen of an iphone and expands to fit a widescreen monitor.

Artificial Intelligence

This isn’t science fiction. At this point, you’ve been living with AI for quite a while now. Data scientists cull data and feed them to computers so that the computers can do things like recognize facial patterns or autocomplete the rest of your sentence in your Gmail. This process is what most call Machine Learning, which is just a facet of AI.

Big Data

Big data, as its name suggest, is a ton of data. Of course, it’s not that simple. A data scientist who uses the term would probably have a spark in their eye, not because there’s so much data(a lot of useless data is a headache), but because they are able to extract insights from that data that can lead to massive growth for the company they work for. Computers running machine learning algorithms also love big data. Everyone loves big data, it seems. In a way, you can say that Facebook’s carelessness with their use of big data is what landed them in hot waters.


Ah, the cloud. “I sent my pictures to the cloud.” Contrary to the name, the Cloud is not a network of storage spaces in Heaven. It’s just a load of servers sitting somewhere in Seattle or something. Those servers are special because you can just have a third party company keep your files without having to deal with your own limited storage space.

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