5 Reasons To Run Ads on Youtube in 2019 (Video)

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Google is bringing YouTube more tightly into its search business by Google is more ways to target users based on their queries and giving advertisers on the site.

  1. YouTube Mobile Ads Receive Attention 83% of The Time

The Think With Google post cites data from an Ipsos study that tracked eye movements to determine that 83% of YouTube mobile viewers pay attention to ads, compared to just 45% of TV viewers. As Google’s post notes, that makes YouTube mobile advertising 84% more attention-grabbing than TV advertising.

The more interesting half of the Think With Google post, however, deals with the relationship between ads with sound and ads without sound. According to Nielsen data, the former group commands 2.4 times as much attention as the latter.

2. 96% of 18-24-Year-Old Americans Internet Users Use Youtube

This statistic shows the share of internet users in the United States who were using YouTube as of January 2018, sorted by age group. We Are Flint found that 96 percent of internet users aged 18 to 24 years accessed the video platform.

3. YouTube Reaches More American 18-34-Year-Olds Than Any Other TV Network

A new report suggests that YouTube reaches more people on mobile than than any broadcast or cable network.

The new round of research, commissioned by YouTube and provided to Mashable, suggests the platform has continued to grow in momentum despite a rise in competition in the online video marketplace.

More than half of the 18-to-49-year-old demographic YouTube users surveyed said they have watched the Google-owned video platform on their TVs.

A whopping 90% of that same demographic said they use a smartphone, tablet or computer while watching TV.

Brands still play a big role on the platform

It’s no secret that brands are a vital part of YouTube, with many creators utilizing sponsorships and partnerships to turn a profit.

And consumers are OK with that. The report found that 61% of those who subscribe to YouTube creators say their opinions about a brand were influenced by the creator they follow.

4. YouTube Was The Top iOS Downloaded App of 2018

5. 1.9 Billion Logged-In Users Visit YouTube Every Month

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says that 1.8 billion registered users are watching videos on the platform each month, not counting anyone who’s watching without an account.

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