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33 Podcasts for Developers of all Stripes

April 12, 2019 Posted by Audio 0 thoughts on “33 Podcasts for Developers of all Stripes”

Podcasts are starting to become more and more popular as a form of digestible content. We’ve gotten to the point where time spent not working is spent commuting. By the time your eyes get to hone in on a screen, more often than not you’re too burnt out to read another word. Sometimes, reclining and listening to your favorite topic is the best way to digest new information. When explaining the reasons for the rise of podcast, a Forbes contributor wrote, “[t]here’s also a personal element to it — podcasts often create communities. It’s a way of finding like-minded individuals who share your interests. And often times, these communities create a kind of feed-back loop: with listeners generating content for the podcast producers.”

This is even more applicable to developers since there’s always some new methodology or paradigm to learn. You don’t always have time to read a long-winded article. In terms of community, a podcast can give a developers, especially more senior developers, a new perspective that they may not be able to glean from co-workers. For example, podcasts that focus on soft skills can allow certain developers to address how they handle conflict. For junior developers, podcasts that teach best practices can smooth over the growing pains and ease the surge of impostor syndrome.

There’s a podcast for every type of developer. If you’re hankering for new audio content, here’s a list of 33 podcasts we curated just for you.

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